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We Supply and Install
Bamboo Flooring
throughout the
Western Cape

Bamboo is a green building product and is completely renewable. It has been used for ages in the East for almost anything, from kitchen tops, furniture, cupboards, decking and pergolas to name a few and then of course BAMBOO floors.

WHY choose Bamboo Flooring? 

It is very durable and tougher than most exotic hard woods. 

Eco friendly and renewable.

You get all the benefits of a solid timber floor at a much more affordable price. You will have one of the most beautiful floors around for many years to come.

Strand Woven Bamboo: Strand woven bamboo is a very popular and interesting floor. In order to make these floors the bamboo tree gets completely crushed down into strands. The strands are then mixed with resins and then placed in a mould. It gets hot pressed with 2500 tons of pressure. The result is a solid pillar of bamboo with the strand woven grain. The floor boards are then cut out of these pillars. Because of this process strand woven is harder and more durable than almost any hard wood you can think of. It also has a unique grain that sets it at a higher level of beauty than any other.

All our products are made from the market leading “Moso” bamboo. The trees are matured to between 5 and 7 years to achieve top quality products. All our bamboo products are certified “A” grade.

Strand woven bamboo is available in a click system or a “tongue & groove” system. We have a Super12mm uniclick system, Super14mm tongue & groove system and a 14mm uniclick system. Each product brings its own benefits to the table. Click system floors are more affordable to install and easier to repair. They install fast and can be used immediately. Tongue and groove glue system floors are much stronger and more resistant to liquids in areas like kitchens. On the other hand, they are more expensive and the installation does take about double the time.

We are proud to say that we work very closely with our suppliers. By giving them feedback on the product we have achieved in eliminating many problems experienced by installers on earlier bamboo products. Today we can honestly say that we are supplying our customers with one of the highest quality bamboo products in South-Africa.

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